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Help! I'm Crying Cuz I Can't See The Internet!

By Lisa Ferris

Recently googled searches to my site:

1. "Why do I have to make sites accessible for blind people when they can't see the internet" and different version "crazy boss wants me design webpage so blind people can see it !!!!!!" (which also relates to a BADD post that I can't find now, where a woman was pushing for web accessibility at her job and her coworkers laughed at her and said, "blind people don't use the internet." Its kind of like when Clint Eastwood said he didn't have to put ramps on his resort hotel because no one in a wheelchair ever goes there.)

I love how people write whole paragraph searches. And what kind of results do they expect from multiple exclamation points? But anyway, yeah. Searcher/web designer dude? The internet is only the biggest information access revolution for blind people since Braille. To give you an idea of how the internet (when accessible) has transformed the lives of blind people, consider:

2. "Can blind people cry"

Only when reading their google search stats.

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