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Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario


Open Letter To The Heart And Stroke Foundation

Dear Heart and Stroke

More specifically, Frank Rubini.

It is that time of year again; I email you about your commercial that you are currently running, the one that has text on the screen, letting viewers know of what symptoms that might suggest that you could have a stroke or heart attack. The one that is supported by the Provincial Government. The one I have brought to your attention in 2004, 2005 and now, 2007.

As I have stated to you over and over again, this commercial discriminates against blind, deaf/blind, partially sighted, the print disabled,, including those who are illiterate either because they are new immigrants who cannot read our language or the many adults who for whatever reason cannot read period.

As I have also stated and I quote "How long do those of us who cannot see what symptoms to be aware of, have to wait? Do we have to be in a hospital bed suffering from a stroke that may have been prevented had we known?"

Each time I have contacted you I was given reason to believe that you would address this commercial so that it is accessible to all Ontarians. The last time I contacted you on February 3rd, 2005 you wrote: "The Foundation is in the process of developing a possible new stroke television spot for the next phase of the campaign, so your timing is perfect!!!."

Well Mr Rubini, it is February 2007, 2 full years after your comments and still no accessible commercial and sadly one supported by the Provincial Government who made us feel that we may have turned the corner on discrimination by passing Bill 118, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

So I ask, when will the Heart and Stroke stop using this discriminating commercial and give us one that will let all Ontarians know of what symptoms to look for with regards to a stroke?

Best regards

Geof Collis
Accessibility News

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Frank Rubini,

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