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Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario


Proposed CWD-O Board Election Slate

The following people have been nominated for election to the Board of Directors of Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario. There are twenty board positions, and the Inaugural Board is recommending the entire slate of sixteen people listed below as directors.

Proposed CWD-O Board Election Slate

The following people have been nominated for election to the Board of Directors of Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario. There are twenty board positions, and the Inaugural Board is recommending the entire slate of sixteen people listed below as directors. If you have any comments please communicate directly with Jerry Ford by June 20, 2007 at .

CWD-O Nominees

Sandi Bell

Sandi Bell has many years experience in the disability sector, her profile is on her website at

Susan Brunet

Susan Brunet is a very active disability rights advocate in Ottawa.

Jerry Ford

Jerry Ford is a retired chartered accountant who has been living with a progressive chronic disease for over thirty years, and active in the disability community for the past twenty-five years. Most recently he chaired the Orillia AAC and currently is Interim Coordinator of Citizens With Disabilities - Ontario. Past involvement as a director with several organizations including ARCH, PACE, and MSS Halton. Jerry is active as a writer and public speaker.

Joan Gallagher-Bell

Joan Gallagher-Bell is retired from the business world after over thirty years. Sixteen years ago diagnosed with multiple sclerosis leading to challenge of being legally blind. Currently member of MS Society Halton Chapter Board as co-chair of Social Action, member of Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee, co-vice chair of Halton Accessibility Advisory Committee, member of City of Burlington Mayor's Seniors Advisory Committee. Joan has two hats now as a member of the physically challenged and seniors communities. There are many challenges to be overcome and improved in both areas.

Tara Geraghty

Tara Geraghty is a new social worker who, despite being in her early 30s has over 15 years of work and volunteer experience in the disability community. She lives with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. She currently resides in Mississauga and works in Toronto. She sits on the board of the Accessibility Advisory committee of Peel Region, She has recently been involved in the activities of the Centre for Independent Living in Toronto and the Ontario March of Dimes. Prior to moving back to Ontario, she was active in the disability community in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and sat on the AAC of the Halifax Regional Municipality. Additionally, she has many years of volunteering with Erinoak and Silver Creek Nursery School for children with disabilities. Her current passions are Independent Living, Education, and Transportation issues. Her future goal is to set up an ILRC in Peel region.

Terrance J. Green

Terrance J. Green has advocated for over four decades, with advocacy groups, and on my own, to enhance and protect the rights of people with disabilities. Starting in Nova Scotia with the Canadian Council of the Blind, and a newspaper called Touchstone, uncovering and removing barriers. Employed with Transport Canada, I received an award of excellence for my work in equity in human resources planning.

Keith Hobbs

Keith Hobbs is wrapping up a 35 year career with the federal public service in Ottawa. Current volunteer roles relating to "accessibility" and persons with a disability: member since 2001 and former chair of the City of Ottawa's Accessibility Advisory Committee , board member of Ontario Sailing and chair of its Able Sail Ontario Committee , member and former chair of the Canadian Yachting Association's Accessible Sailing Committee.

James Hunsberger

James Hunsberger's work experiences include: the executive director for the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region, and a community development officer for the Ontario March of Dimes. He is now retired, lives with a lifelong disability, cerebral palsy, based in Waterloo, and takes an extra interest in issues relating to aging and disability. Some of Hunsberger's energy is dispersed among organizations such as: the Canadian Centre on Disability Studies, the Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee, and the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region. James likes to view his retirement as an opportunity to become "rewired" rather than a time for being "retired".

Axel Krueger

Axel Krueger is a very internet savvy member of the disability community living in Mississauga.

Stefanie Marinich

Stefanie Marinich is a lawyer with several years experience serving the disability community, and is a founder of CWD-O.

Doug Millman

As an Engineering Technologist, Doug's expertise is mainly of a technical nature. He reviews site plans for his local AAC, and has recently applied for membership on the Ontario Built Environment Standards Committee. Doug also has an extensive background as a CUPE steward, which provided him with strengths in the areas of advocacy and mediation. Outside interests include swimming, cycling, politics, and bridge.

Tracy Odell

Tracy Odell is a life-long advocate for independent living and the right of people with disabilities to live in the community. Tracy has assisted in founding numerous supportive housing programs with attendant support, is credited with the establishment of "Nurturing Assistance," has published articles and appeared in videos to raise awareness of issues relating to disability. Tracy has Masters Degree in Critical Disability Studies, and a B.A and a B.Ed. in English and Special Education. Tracy currently lives with her husband, two daughters and assorted pets in Scarborough, Ontario and works for the provincial government.

Jenny Phillips

Jenny Phillips is a writer/artist/cartoonist who has been active over the last forty years as a community booster and a lobbyist for inclusiveness and accessibility in her community of Dutton-Dunwich in Elgin County. Jenny has chaired the Joint Accessibility Advisory Committee for the County of Elgin and the municipality of Central Elgin since its inception. She never thinks of herself as disabled, although she does use an electric scooter for mobility.

Pat Seed

"If you think you can, you might; if you Know and Believe you can, you Will!"
© May 2004 by Pat Seed

Pat holds her B.A. in Speech Communications. She has taught and continues to teach Speaking with Confidence and Public Speaking to Broadcasters and other Professionals. She is also a professional Public and Motivational Speaker, as well as a Writer.

Pat is totally blind from birth. She origianally used a white cane for mobility, but has been travelling with Guide Dogs at her side since November of 1996.

Pat has worked for Bell Canada and Confederation College. She also was employed as the Information and Referral Coordinator of the Thunder Bay Independent Living Resource Centre for seven and a half years.

Pat began her Professional volunteering Career for non-profit organizations, her Parish church, and other organizations in 1980. She still volunteers today, at is now a Consultant and Resource person in many areas for many organizations.

Pat is currently the Senior Technical Support and Resource Person for Ideal Registered Online Conferencing, A member of the Steering and Logistics Committees for the Thunder Bay Leadership Forum 2007, A member of the Business Women's Network of Thunder Bay, As well as many other organizations.

Suzanne Share

Suzanne Share lives in Toronto, Ontario and has a M.A. in Critical Disabilities. This degree includes a specialty in disability law. Ms. Share has taught Health Policy and Government at York University. She has been a public speaker in Canada. She joined a research team focusing on accessibility in shelters for people with disabilities. Ms. Share was the Toronto Coordinator for a group called Rock and Wrap It Up. She mobilized volunteers with hands on attitude to run a food program that packed then delivered food from major events to shelters and street vans. She is presently on the Anne Johnston Health Station Barrier Free Advisory Committee and a member of the Coalition of Ontario Accessibility Advisory Committees. Her professional association is as Director for Central Western Ontario for the Accessibility Consultants Association of Ontario. For over twenty years she has owned an accounting/consulting/training service. Ms. Share expanded her business to include advocacy training, sensitivity awareness, accessibility auditing and legal research.

Marlene Thomas-Osbourne

Marlene Thomas-Osbourne lives in Hamilton where she is active in disability issues.

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