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Library Helps With Mental Health; Books, DVDs Places To Help Parents Deal With Kids' Problems

Parents with children experiencing mental health issues can now turn to the public library for support.

The Community Libraries Project, sponsored by the Algoma Family Services Foundation, is providing each library in Algoma with a set of 40 books and two DVD's that offer information and self-help strategies.

The multi-phase project involves distributing pamphlets to school principals and family physicians, listing resources available at their library.

The program is designed to augment Algoma Family Services' limited capacity to offer early intervention and prevention services, said Lynn Ryan MacKenzie, AFS executive director.

Children's Mental Health Week is designed to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues affecting children and youth.

Statistics show that one in five children in Ontario struggles with their mental health. Mental illness is the single most common illness with onset in the teen years and 80 per cent of psychiatric disorders emerge in adolescence.

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