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Ontario Service Centres Being Replaced - Let's make them Fully Accessible!

PleasedDirect to your Accessible Advisory Committee(AAC) members.

My Name is Claudette Meriano and I currently sit on the AAC of Chatham Kent.

I need a favour from you. As you are aware many adults with physical disabilities are incontinent. The problem that we face when travelling anywhere ( day trips, event centres, malls, attractions etc) is where to do personal care. Most handicapped restroom do not meet our needs. All that is required is a long counter in a private area. Unfortunately, washrooms do not have this simple solution and this prevents alot of persons with disabilities from travelling.

Please help me to make changes, so that families like ours can travel across Ontario easier. I know you understand the challenges our families have. The Ministry of Transportation announced Tues, March 26th that they will be rebuilding the 23 service centres across Ontario.(7 this year and rest targeted within 5 years) This is an oppurtunity to make Minister Jim Bradley aware of the need for adult size change tables. Please take a minute to help me create awareness for this need. feel free to forward this to any of your contacts and families. If you want to read more about this go to this link If you would also like to call or email the project manager to express this need, his name is Noris Bot 1-905-704-2463

I've tried to make this as easy as possible. Please help me make the Minister aware so that changes can be made. Thank you. Claudette Meriano 39 Maryknoll Rd. Chatham, On N7L 2M7

To the Honourable Jim Bradley, The MTO will be renovating service centres across Ontario. Most handicapped restrooms meet code and are accessible, meaning they are large with a toilet, however these restrooms do not meet the needs of people with disabilities that are incontinent. The missing link to a barrier free restroom is an adult size change table. THE SOLUTION IS SIMPLE; a long counter top (72\"x28\" waist high) in a private area (family restroom) This would be multifunctional for also changing babies. The numbers are growing for full community integration for individuals with disabilities and the aging population. This is not just a service, it is a necessity and prohibits people with disabilities from travelling as there is NO WHERE to do personal care. We are requesting that you install adult size change areas at all the service centres now that you are aware of this need.THIS ISSUE NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED INTO YOUR REQUIRED SERVICES,so bidders will know what to put into their proposals. PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES DESERVE THE SAME DIGNITY AS EVERYONE ELSE. Thank you. .

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